Belgisch Kampioenschap F3J - SMAC 06 Oktober 2013

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Belgisch Kampioenschap F3J - Meerhout 08 Sept 2013

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Belgisch Kampioenschap F3J - MVV 02 Juni 2013

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Boss calls Sky nike jerseys china Blue Dragon to help him destroy the invaders

Call Lightning: Boss on a random player causing 17,500 Nature damage and 6500 point to its players within 5 yards of the nearby natural damage electrostatic field: sky blue dragon with a random player's cheap nike nfl jerseys position as the center of manufacturing an electrostatic field within 10 yards All players receive 15 000 Nature damage immediately after the target is in the range of causing 5000 Nature damage every 0.5 seconds for 15 seconds of the second stage: use your strength to grow me!

Boss enters a meditative state, immune to all damage. Sky Blue Dragon will come to attack the player. Stage Charge soul about 50 percent of the time change: the sky blue dragon Boss adds a shield, it immune to all damage electromagnetic shielding curtain: Sky Blue Dragon for each player cast an electromagnetic shielding curtain, absorb 50,000 points of treatment and cause 6500 Nature damage per second. When the amount exceeds its uptake of treatment, the curtain will cover overload, remove this Debuff, and 20 yards resulting in a total of 50,000 points of other players therapeutic dose Lightning Breath: Sky Blue Dragon release Lightning Breath of players in front of a 45-degree cone Inflicts Every 0.5 seconds 12000 Nature cheap nfl jerseys china nike damage sustained two seconds can be seen from this figure a lot of information, the location where the dragon, electromagnetic shielding curtain to cast a lot of times, Boss of the blood into the P2

Phase III: Do not let nike nfl jerseys from china me down!

After the players hit kill azure dragon, Boss will be able to re-join the fight overcharging soul: regular Nature damage to all nearby enemies, the lower the blood, the higher the frequency. (I was a bear T, once the damage is probably over nike jerseys free shipping 4000)

Translator's Note: P1 remain dispersed, saw off the foot of a white circle can be. P2 not too far away, so the amount of broken sets of treatment is wasted. Cover not only put once. In addition, P2 dragon will not move, so be careful not to pull for the T crowd, and partial to the other side on the line. P3 nothing to say, kill as quickly as possible. Currently watching damage is not high, but the difficulty of playing H may occur in the future treatment of collapse.